IP Telephony

New Technology Unifying Telephone Systems and Computer Networks IP Telephony is giving way to some of the most significant changes ever to hit the communications industry. By converting phone calls into data and merging them with computer networks, enterprise phone systems have become far more sophisticated than they used to be, bringing you benefits that were otherwise impossible. Now you can further leverage your data network and the Internet to:

  • Place office phones virtually anywhere around the world
  • Connect all your offices phone systems together seamlessly
  • Virtually eliminate long distance toll charges
  • Adopt powerful new productivity enhancements for end users
  • Simplify system administration
  • Reduce operational cost

With Inter-Tel's Axxess and Eclipse platforms, you can simply enhance your system with Voice over IP (VoIP) or base all of your communications around it. The choice is yours, and no matter what decision you make, you can be sure you won't have to sacrifice functionality. The platforms were designed to preserve traditional capabilities while delivering the benefits offered by new technologies such as VoIP. Implementing VoIP within your organization doesn't have to be a revolution or a high disruption to you and your staff. Inter-Tel understands that individual businesses each need to evolve at a pace that meets their specific functional and financial requirements.

By embracing evolution instead of revolution, you will have the freedom to take advantage of all the benefits VoIP can deliver while making use of the 10 years of advancements already built into the platforms. With an Axxess or Eclipse platform in your organization, you have ultimate control over:

  • How to blend new and traditional technologies to meet your particular needs
  • When, where and how you deploy various elements, such as VoIP
  • System growthwithout capacity plateaus
  • Which tried and true features and next-generation applications to implement

A Centralized Phone System
With Phones Worldwide

By using the Internet as part of your communications solution, your phone system is everywhere you want it to be. With IP-based phones, such as the IP PhonePlus and the IP SoftPhone, your data network seamlessly connects together your telecommuters, satellite offices and warehouse facilities as if they were all in the same building. It eliminates the need for a separate phone system in each location and it provides you with functionality, mobility and flexibility like you've never seen before.


Because the IP phones are fully integrated with Inter-Tel's hybrid platforms (Axxess or Eclipse), users anywhere have access to the full functionality of the phone system, such as transferring calls, conferencing, accessing voice mail, record-a-call, etc. Call center agents working off-site do not sacrifice functionality. They can be part of hunt groups or call routing patterns, and supervisors can monitor their calls as if they were in the office. The only thing missing is the office itself.


Connect Your Offices
Together to Operate As One

Seamlessly connecting multiple phone systems together has never been easier or more cost-effective. The Axxess and Eclipse platforms are designed around a distributed open architecture for maximum efficiency and reliability. Whether you have three sites or 63 sites, all of your locations can interact in a completely seamless fashion over your IP data networks.

Seamless connectivity means your employees work more closely together, and your customers are handled more efficiently. Everything you can do in one location can be done between locations. All the advanced features, such as ACD hunt groups, call center applications, paging zones, centralized attendants, and tightly integrated voice mail, remain in place even when you are networking over IP. To place, transfer or conference a call, you simply dial an extension. And, you can even avoid long distance charges. By leveraging refined voice compression and echo cancellation, your calls will take up minimal space on your data network, and your end users won't even know you are doing it.



Increase Customer Care By
Voice-enabling Your Web Site

Inter-Tel makes it easy to add VoIP to your web site. What does that mean? It means your customers can use their multimedia PCs to place phone calls over the web to regular phones in your offices. It's a simple way of adding customer care to your web efforts. By adding voice calling to your web site, you are able to engage your customers in live conversation when they need it most. Plus, you are able to reduce operational costs by bypassing costly toll-free lines. It's a wonderful way to enhance your call center, improve support, increase e-commerce effectiveness and improve the overall communications between you and your customers.

IP Telephony
Doesn't End Here

There are many additional ways to increase the value of your communications system with VoIP.