ViaVideo™ brings conference room quality video communications into your office - in a package only 3 inches wide and designed specifically for personal use. The sophisticated integrated multimedia processor and high quality camera deliver full-screen full-motion, up to 30fps business-quality video without sapping processing power from your PC. Plus it provides the conference room quality audio you expect, with no add-in boards to install or bulky hardware to place on your desk. Just plug this appliance into the USB port on your PC, load the software and start communicating ViaVideo in minutes!

Features Product View

•No additional hardware needed

•Clarity by Polycom technology for full-duplex digital audio with noise suppression and echo cancellation

•Simple GUI makes setup fast and foolproof
Integrated Microsoft NetMeeting data collaboration capabilities

•Business quality in a portable package

•Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket

•Supports IP-based (H.323)
communications over LAN, DSL and cable networks

•Business-quality video at up to 30 fps FXIP

•PC Operating system compatibility with Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows 2000

Software Requirements

•Adobe Acrobat Reader™ version 4
•Microsoft database support (ODBC)
•NetMeeting® 3.01


Back View

Hardware Requirements

•USB Port
•350 MHz processor, Pentium® II compatible MMX
•64 MB RAM
•4 MB video memory
•150 MB available hard disk space (may be less, if required software already installed)
•SVGA monitor (800 x 600)
•16 bit color or higher
•Broadband IP network access (32 KB and above)
•Desktop PC with headphones, headset or external speakers OR
Laptop PC with headphones, headset or internal speakers